Srujana Gattupalli

Ph.D. Candidate    
Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of Texas at Arlington    
Office: ERB 308
Email: srujana DOT gattupalli AT mavs DOT uta DOT edu

Support, Preach & Practice "Computing towards Human Good".

Thank you for visiting my webpage. I am a fourth year PhD student at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. My advisor is Prof. Vassilis Athitsos who runs the Vision-Learning-Mining (VLM) Research Lab. I pursue research in the areas of Computer Vision, Machine learning, Robotics, Autonomous Driving, Gesture recognition and Human-Computer-Interation. Areas of focus are: Motion estimation and tracking, Articulated Human Pose recognition, Robot-aided rehabilitation, Autonomous Driving. I also work in collaboration on ongoing projects for the Heracleia Lab which is led by Prof. Fillia Makedon.

I have also worked as a Research Intern at Intel Corporation where I work on developing Machine learning and Computer Vision content for IOTG Automated Driving Group and the Consumer Experience and Performance (Industry Standards for Artificial Intelligence) Group. Our lab in news!

A brief description on the project I am currently working on can be found at the following link: (The other projects that I work on are can be found on my "Projects" page.)
M.Sc. Thesis

GTA Work

Fall 2014 to Spring 2016: CSE 5344 - Computer Networks I
Professor: Dr. Hao Che

Honors & Awards