CSE 6367 - Assignments

There will be one programming assignment due Wednesday of each week at 11:55pm, starting Wednesday of the second week (January 27), and ending Wednesday April 21. These programming assignments will constitute 70% of the course grade.

There will also be a final programming project, that will constitute 30% of the grade (20% for programming, 10% for the project presentation). The final programming project will be due on Friday, May 7, at 11:59pm. The project presentations will take place Monday, May 10, and Tuesday, May 11.

Any late submission (for an assignment or a project) will incur a penalty of 20% of the assignment (or project) points, plus an additional 20% for each full 24 hours between the deadline and the actual submission time. No extensions will be given, except for well-documented medical (or otherwise serious) emergencies, in which case extensions will be granted at the sole discretion of the instructor, and according strictly to UTA guidelines.