CSE 6367 - Computer Vision

Spring 2010
Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30pm-1:50pm
Room: NH 229
Instructor: Vassilis Athitsos

This course introduces students to basic concepts and techniques in computer vision. The topics covered include image filters, edge detection, feature extraction, object detection, object recognition, tracking, gesture recognition, image formation and camera models, and stereo vision. A strong programming background is assumed, as well as familiarity with linear algebra (vector and matrix operations), and knowledge of basic probability theory and statistics. Matlab will be the primary programming language/environment used in the programming assignments. Students should ensure they have access to Matlab, including Matlab's image processing toolbox.

Grading will be based on weekly programming assignments and a final programming project. Class lectures involve introducing and explaining computer vision concepts, and writing Matlab code illustrating how those concepts can be implemented and applied to specific examples. Programming assignments expand upon the code developed in lectures, so as to improve accuracy, efficiency, and/or generality.


Course web page: http://vlm1.uta.edu/~athitsos/courses/cse6367_spring2010
Lecture times: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30pm-1:50pm
Classroom: NH 229

Optional Textbooks:
The course will not follow either textbook closely. There will not be a close correspondence between class lectures and textbook chapters, and thus these textbooks are entirely optional. Students are expected to heavily refer to class lectures and online class slides.
Vassilis Athitsos

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