CSE 1310 Lab Hours

CSE 1310 students are welcome to use the labs any time during the posted lab hours. During posted hours, teaching assistants (TAs) will be available to help students with the course material. Any CSE 1310 student is welcome to seek help from any teaching assistant, regardless of the CSE 1310 section that the teaching assistant is assigned to.

The labs have computers with Java and Netbeans installed. You can log in to the lab computers with your Net ID credentials. You can also bring your own laptop to the lab, instead of using a lab computer.

Depending on the day and time, we will be using either ERB 124 or ERB 132. Please check the schedule above to see which lab is used when. Lab doors are closed, but if you knock, the TA will let you in. Send us an e-mail if you have any trouble getting in a lab.

Weekend access: On weekends, the ERB building doors are locked. To get in, call the TA on duty at this number: (682) 777-5313

The above schedule is always subject to change, and the schedule will be different each week. If you plan to go to the labs, please refresh this page to make sure you see the most updated schedule.

This is the list of TAs with assigned lab hours: